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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Assorted Bits & Pieces: It's Hammer Time!

I initially read this on Halloween, but thought it would be great to share for anyone who may not have seen it. It's an interview with famed actor, Christopher Lee for CNN by Grace Wong. In it, Lee discusses his views on horror films of today as well as his long career and association with Hammer Films. Some of his Dracula roles are discussed briefly in addition to other stories of interest. The link is below for the interview....

Speaking of Hammer, there's a great book (already reviewed over at Carl's 'I Like Horror Movies' blog) out on the women of Hammer Films. Entitled HAMMER GLAMOUR, it's 160 pages of the lovely ladies of the famed British studio that dripped blood. Written by Hammer historian, Marcus Hearn, the author also wrote the flashy, over sized coffee table Hammer tome, THE HAMMER STORY which also comes recommended.

Keeping the perpetually popular Hammer vibe going, there's also another book (limited to 2,500 copies) out by the dedicated Hammer author, Wayne Kinsey, whose two prior Hammer books, HAMMER: THE BRAY YEARS and HAMMER: THE ELSTREE YEARS are both exhaustive and must have books for those seeking background information in addition to numerous behind the scenes photos. Kinsey's newest is titled HAMMER FILMS-A LIFE IN PICTURES: THE VISUAL STORY OF HAMMER FILMS. At 240 pages, this book is predominantly a vast collection of rare and never before seen photos and publicity stills from Hammer pictures of all genres. A bit pricey, but well worth the purchase.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh a Hammer post....nothing makes me happier! Thanks for sharing. Off to listen to the interview!


venoms5 said...

The interview is a great read, Frog Queen. It's interesting to hear his thoughts on horror films of today and even more so for the upcoming Hammer movie.

Hammer recently surfaced with their first movie in over three decades with last years BEYOND THE RAVE released as a series of episodes on the internet. I never saw it, though.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Thanks for the hat tip V, Hammer Glamour is so much more than the collection of photos I was expecting, it is an excellent companion piece with tons of great info!

Even more thanks are due for that Christopher Lee interview, missed that and I am a huge fan

venoms5 said...

No problem, Carl. I almost posted without mentioning you had reviewed the book and just did remember at the last second.

Christopher Lee is tops. I'm still reeling that he was touring with metal bands MANOWAR and RHAPSODY OF FIRE over the last few years. He has quite a singing voice, too.

Shonen King said...

City of the Dead aka Horror Hotel is one of my favorite Christopher Lee movies. Hammer has the hottest scream queens ever. Ingrid Pitt is smokin'. Great Blog!!!

venoms5 said...

CITY OF THE DEAD is one of faves, too, Shonen King. Great film that's one of the most Gothic and atmospheric of the British horror wave from the 1960's. I got a review of it stashed away on my computer somewhere...

I second that Hammer had the hottest scream queens!

Thanks for stopping by, SK!

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