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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Assorted Bits & Pieces: Remakes CLASH With Fine Reading & recent DVD purchases

This is a new column that is really nothing more than ramblings of various things I find at other sites, or movies I've recently picked up, or some materialistic film related memorabilia I may purchase.

I had just gotten home from work after a night of near constant rain and wind gusts (it's still raining here), and was pleasantly surprised by a trailer for the upcoming remake to one of my favorite movies, CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981). After viewing the preview, I can honestly say that this is one remake I am actually anxious to go see. Hopefully, the film itself matches up to the intensity presented in this preview. I especially like the metal music accompanying the action. However, I was really hoping for a score to match the wonderful soundtrack for the original film by composer Laurence Rosenthal. Nonetheless, the heavy metal fits the trailer well. With Hollywood dumping modern day rehashes of older, better films at an alarming rate, I am somewhat amped to see how this one turns out. Below is the link to Damin's Information Review Blog where the trailer can be viewed...

Speaking of remakes, has anyone seen the new version of the hit mini series V (1983-1985)? I saw portions of it last week, but it did nothing to sustain my attention. At least the makers saw fit to keep the aliens as lizards. At just 60 minutes in length (!! Why not make it a two hour premier?), the kick off episode had so much going on at once, it was just too much for only an hours worth of television time.

Moving on....

Late yesterday evening I happened to stumble upon a couple of sure fire book purchases that some of the readers here might be interested in. One of them I first heard about from the Temple of Schlock Blog and the other I became aware from Fangoria's website. The first is a 236 tome detailing the entire JAWS saga entitled JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE : A JAWS COMPANION. Covering the entire series, this book by Patrick Jankiewicz looks to be an insightful read for any JAWS fan...

I became aware of this next book from the Temple of Schlock Blog. Entitled MONDO MANDINGO: THE FALCONHURST BOOKS & FILMS by Paul Talbot, it examines all the extremely popular, yet incendiary and salacious novels dealing with slavery and strife amidst decadent plantations and cruel slave masters prior to the Civil War. The book also delves into the making of the two films based on the Falconhurst novels, the very successful, yet controversial MANDINGO (1975) and its over the top sequel, DRUM (1976), both starring former boxer, Ken Norton. If you're familiar with the movies at all, than this book is definitely worth the purchase.

The Temple of Schlock is also giving away a free signed copy of the book to followers of the site. For those interested, the page and information is linked below...

VENOMS5's recent DVD purchases....

EVIL DEAD 2 (blu ray; $10 at Walmart)
JOURNEY TO THE WEST (2 disc set featuring the four film series of the Shaw Brothers classic fantasy film series: THE MONKEY GOES WEST (1966), PRINCESS IRON FAN (1966), THE CAVE OF THE SILKEN WEB (1967) and THE LAND OF MANY PERFUMES (1968); Australian release.
WRONG TURN 2 (stupid sequel delivers the gore groceries)
NIGHT OF THE CREEPS special edition (Seeing this again, I was kind of let down. I wasn't all that impressed then, and I'm not impressed now, although the film does have some good things going on in it)
BLACULA & SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM (I already have the single editions, but this one was just $5 at Walmart with both films together. Both are must own films solely for William Marshall alone. Saw him again on BONANZA the other day playing a discriminated opera singer in which he cuts loose with that deep voice of his)
MARTYRS (review coming up sometime today)
TRICK 'R TREAT (review coming soon even if it has already been reviewed to death by this point)
POLTERGEIST (This film is in dire need of a TRUE special edition DVD release)
BLACKENSTEIN (always wanted to see this. Hopefully it's as funny as DR. BLACK & MR. HYDE with Bernie Casey)
28 WEEKS LATER (intense and good sequel that surpasses the original in my opinion)
BLACK SHEEP (This looked absolutely hilarious. The modern equivalent to ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES perhaps?)

My escalatingly mammoth HK movie poster & lobby card collection is continuing to grow and I've just recently added an original poster for one of my favorite Venom movies, CRIPPLED AVENGERS (1978) aka MORTAL COMBAT. In addition to that, I also picked up an original poster for Shaw's production of SHAOLIN MANTIS (1978), one of the more unusual kung fu dramatic features. It's the first film of its type I've seen where the hero is also the villain. Some other Shaw and indy kung fu posters rounded out this recent splurge including Shaw's RETURN OF THE DEAD (1979) and ODE TO GALLANTRY (1982).

Until next time....


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

You had me at Clash of the Titans. One of my favs too. A good remake would be most welcome!


venoms5 said...

Thanks, Frog Queen. What did you think of the trailer? I thought it was right awesome, myself. After seeing various posters for it, they gave off a 300 vibe to me, but after seeing this trailer, I honestly can't wait to see this one now.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Attack of the Wal-Mart DVDs this weke, great buys V! BLACK SHEEP is a lot of fun, and I grabbed the BLACULA double feature for $5, cant beat that!! They also had the Dark Skys TEXAS CHAINSAW release there for $5, and its been killing me that I didnt double dip since it has THE SHOCKING TRUTH documentary on the second disc..

Havent been watching V, though the commercials were intriguing. I am on an info fast on CLASH because I am really interested in seeing it, my hope is that it will be like the God of War video game series and chocked full of awesomeness

venoms5 said...

Yeah the TCM tin release. I was shocked to see it there for just $5.00. I already had it, though and paid $20 when it first came out.

The CLASH remake appears to follow the original in some ways what with Medusa, the Stygian Witches and the scorpions featured in the trailer. Looked like there were some Harpy's in there, too.

I've totally lost interest in the new V series. I'll stick with the original.

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