Thursday, July 29, 2010

Assorted Bits & Pieces: Upcoming reviews, Recent Purchases & Blog Stats!

This post is just some ramblin' randomness till I get a handful of reviews up in the next few days.

I finally had a free evening last night and was able to sit down and break open some DVD's sitting on my shelf for a long time now. It was a night of drive in trash with the likes of Riccardo Freda's fragmented, but eerily surreal TRAGIC CEREMONY (1972), John Peyser's sadistic THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS (1974) and a primo double feature of subtle action films from Dark Sky Films, William Fruet's SEARCH & DESTROY (1979) and Ross Hagen's THE GLOVE (1979).

It was nice to see the former in such a nice print and the latter for the first time period. Both had extraordinary casts and both were fine, if moderately engaging action films. Reviews coming very soon for those. The Dark Sky double header was a lot of fun as it recreated the drive in experience (both films play one after the other; a nice touch!) with original refreshment stand ads and a nice dose of coming attractions before each feature.

Also yesterday, I ordered a stack of movies which keeps with my extended stay at the exploitation station. Some of these I already have, or have seen on VHS, but the upgrade warrants another purchase and hopefully, for a couple of them, a better viewing experience...

BONNIE'S KIDS (Been wanting to see this for some time. Tiffany Bolling in more Dark Sky goodness!)
BLOODY BIRTHDAY (Don't remember much about this one, but never seen in widescreen before)
CRACK IN THE WORLD (I remember reading about this one in various reference books. Hope it's worth the purchase!)
GIRLY (Heard lots of good things about this dark comedy horror)
HORROR HOSPITAL (Michael "mad doctor" Gough!)
LAST HORROR FILM, THE (Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro...together again!)
PRIMAL RAGE (uncut!)
SILENT SCREAM (Barbara Steele and Yvonne De Carlo slasher in creepy mansion by the sea!)
SLITHIS (didn't care for this much years back, but it's a creature feature, so...)
TERROR CIRCUS (hopefully this uncut version is better than those washed out VHS prints)
UNSEEN, THE (creepy thing in the basement movie directed by Danny Steinmann under a pseudonym)

WHAT'S GETTIN' READ--Here's a list of what people are checking out here, the top 20 most read items on as of today, July 29th, 2010. Whether you're just passin' through, skimming over a review, or article, or reading something from start to finish, or even commenting on something, it's very much appreciated!

1. THE 20 BEST HAMMER HORRORS--This recently toppled the article that now sits at #2.

2. THE 26 BEST SWORD & SANDAL ADVENTURES--Oddly enough, the genre that most people seem to care less about, is one of the most consistently read subjects here. This 'Best Of' entry doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


4. INQUISITION--This Naschy review has remained in the top 20 for some time now. This movie needs an English friendly R1 DVD release like yesterday!

5. ANIMAL CRUELTY: MONDO MOVIES & THE CANNIBAL CONNECTION--This article has stayed on for a long time, too. The search words that led some readers to it were kinda bizarre

6. SHAW BROTHERS & KUNG FU CINEMA PART 5--the review for FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS finally got bumped just shy of the top 20, so it's nice to see some Shaw Brothers love stay on here!

7. SHAW BROTHERS & KUNG FU CINEMA PART 4--this one doesn't seem to be moving at all!

8. FORBIDDEN WORLD--This review is from the German DVD. The new one from Shout! Factory is the one to beat!

9. THE EVIL--Another upcoming Shout! Factory release and I can't wait!

10. DEATHSTALKER--This supremely trashy barbarian flick has stalked the top 20 for a good while. I wouldn't mind a special edition from Shout! for this one!

11. REMAKES: REDUX, OR RIDICULOUS? CLASH OF THE TITANS '81 VS. CLASH '10--This fourth entry in the original/remake comparison column gets the most attention out of this series so far.

12. ASSORTED BITS & PIECES: FILM CONNOISSEUR, CELLULOID HIGHWAY & COOL ASS CINEMA JOIN FORCES FOR UNUSUAL VAMPIRE MOVIES!--I was honored to be able to participate alongside two distinguished personalities for this list of varied vampires from America, Great Britain and everywhere in between.

13. THE BIG BIRD CAGE--This Corman favorite has seeped back into the top 20. At one time, this was the single most read review for months. Maybe it was all the girly pics?

14. HONG KONG GODFATHER--This spectacularly violent and bloody Shaw Brothers gangster movie shoots its way to number 14!

15. SINS OF CELLULOID 1: THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL, DISTURBING & ESSENTIAL EXPLOITATION/GRINDHOUSE MOVIES--Oddly enough, entries 2-4 of this (ultimately) 25 part article were read, or clicked far more than this first entry, so it's surprising to see the other three drop out and this one drop in.

16. THE BOXER'S OMEN--The third Shaw flick on this list is also the single most disgusting movie review featured here on this top 20.

17. EL CAMINANTE--This Naschy movie needs a lot more love and attention as well as a legit English subbed version in America. Dubbing would do this one no justice.

18. TWINS OF EVIL--Hammer goodness!

19. PIRANHA 2: THE SPAWNING--This review of the international version of James Cameron's killer fish flick is finally moving out of the top 20.

20. THE REBEL GLADIATOR--This obscure muscleman movie starring both Dan Vadis and a villainous Alan Steel (Sergio Ciani) just will not die. I like the movie, but can't figure out why it gets so many views.

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