Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Assorted Bits & Pieces: Another Award, Genre Magazines & Other Random Ramblin'

That fun lovin' connoisseur of tasty morsels and cinematic tastelessness, J. Astro passed along this award to me a couple days ago. It requires I state 10 things that bring me joy and then that I pass the award along to ten others. So hear goes in random order, ten things that bring me joy are...

1. Nostalgia
2. A steak and cheese sub with a side order of stuffed (cheese) Jalapenos (aka stuffed poppers)
3. Making new friends who share similar interests
4. Shaw Brothers kung fu movies
5. My girlfriend (most of the time, haha)
6. Music of the 1970's
7. Warner Brothers cartoons
8. New York City
9. Cooking
10. My collection of junk: DVD's, books, magazines, posters, lobby card sets...

Now ten deserving SOB's for this award are...

Carl Manes of I Like Horror Movies
Shaun Anderson of The Celluloid Highway
Francisco Gonzalez of The Film Connoisseur
Richard Schmidt of Cinema Somnambulist
Melissa Helwig of Little Miss Zombie
Skeme Richards of Anything Goes W/ DJ Skeme Richards
Nigel Maskell of Italian Film Review
Aaron of The Death Rattle
The Vicar from Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Movies
The guys from Tower Farm Reviews

I recently picked up a slew of movie magazines and as usual, have had little time to actually sit down and read even one of them from cover to cover. I hadn't bought any in so long so I made the trek to the Borders Books in a nearby city. In my small town, we had a Waldenbooks which, unfortunately, closed down some years back.

Fangoria was always a huge love of mine when I was a kid. Sadly, due to the graphic content, my mother kept it out of my reach, although I would occasionally flip through a copy when the opportunity arose. Now, the magazine is, in my opinion, a shell of its former self. Maybe it's the nostalgia (one of the things that brings me joy!)? Anyway, this was the first Fango I've bought in quite some time. Mainly bought it for the REC 2 article, but I did get some humor from the 2001 MANIACS interview with Tim Sullivan where he states they couldn't afford Robert Englund. I think he was wise to have declined.

Rue Morgue gained a lot of momentum for me as a cheaper alternative to the increasingly expensive Fangoria. The Morgue has a lot of creativity and contains articles of variance compared with other horror magazines today. Purchasing it has been sporadic lately, but there's been a few times I bought it instead of Fangoria. The new issue has a friggin' awesome PIRANHA (1978) original poster artwork on the cover.

Horrorhound has really become quite the horror rag juggernaut in a short timespan. A really kick ass publication and may ultimately usurp Fangoria as the dominant horror magazine if Rue Morgue doesn't beat them to it.

This is the first Gorezone I have ever purchased. However, I do own every issue of Fangoria's now defunct sister publication also titled Gorezone Magazine. This new one is a British publication and, aside from being expensive (I assume the price tag includes the cost to import it, but it is cheaper than Dark Side Magazine, another Brit import; are they even still around?), it's a well rounded horror rag. Probably the best way to describe it would be a cross between Fangoria and Maxim.

Cinema Retro is one of the best film magazines out there on great and grand old cinema of various genres. While it's terribly expensive, this UK magazine delivers the goods with this special on the DOLLARS trilogy. This is a must own for any spaghetti western, or Eastwood fan. The price tag is well worth the purchase considering the absolute wealth of never before seen photos. There's tons of them.

Little Shoppe Of Horrors has been around since the 70's and it's the best ongoing journal of British horror cinema. With a primary focus on Hammer Films, above and below are the three most recent issues. These and others can be ordered at the link below...


Also, I finally broke down and bought RED DEAD REDEMPTION for the PS3 last night. So I might be taking a bit of a hiatus for a while. I've not made up my mind yet since I got too much stuff half finished (including a few reviews and three different articles) and also I got another new column in the works, this one on random episodes of various Sci Fi television shows. That new feature will showcase episodes from the likes of the original (and best!) STAR TREK, the original (and best!) THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE WILD, WILD WEST, the PLANET OF THE APES live action TV show, THE OUTER LIMITS and BUCK ROGERS to name a few.

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