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Monday, January 10, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: IFR Vote & Killer Dogs

Amidst so much chaos and depravity in the news lately, take a brief time out and vote for Italian Film Review for Best Fan Blog. If you so desire, you can vote here at this link


And now for a rather depressing and harrowing piece of news a couple hours away from my neck of the woods from this past weekend...***WARNING! One photo below is quite strong***

From Friday, January 7th in Davidson County, NC comes this horrifying real life incident that could have been a scene straight out of a killer animal movie from the 1970s. Sherri Herald is an animal lover and had saved a group of pit bulls from the pound. She was attempting to rehabilitate these dogs, which had been subjected to animal cruelty from a previous owner, or owners.

google images

This happened sometime Friday morning, or afternoon. Sherri was alarmed to find four of the recently rescued pit bulls attacking one of her horses, devouring it alive. Two were biting and pulling at the horse's ankles while two others were dangling from the equine's mouth. Sherri ran towards the horse yelling at the dogs in the hopes they would stop. Instead, one of the dogs that latched loose of the horse ran for her next, but the dog stopped and rushed back to the now bloody animal.

Calling animal control, the officer arrived and shot into the air to get the enraged dogs away from the fallen horse. In an even more harrowing instance, the dogs swarmed the armed officer from different directions with intentions of attacking him next. Amazingly, the officer was able to shoot and kill the four blood crazed dogs before they were able to make a meal out of him, too. Seven pit bulls in total were involved.

To see the video of the news report, click the link below...


A pit bull puppy. Raise them and treat them right and they'll treat you right, not eat you; google images

Personally, there should be strict guidelines for those owning breeds such as pit bulls, rottweilers and any other breed with violent potential. I have friends who own pets of both these breeds of dog and they are as docile and kind as any other dog, big or small. The treatment by owners of said animals speaks volumes on how these dogs will turn out. Their are far too many individuals who raise these breeds for fighting, or abuse them to use as protection of some kind. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people busted for drug trafficking tend to have these breeds on their property.

A pit bull used as bait for dog fighting; google images

If you have a strong constitution and love animals, take some time and look over this blog I just found, 'People For the Ethical Treatment of Pit Bulls'. Be warned, some readers may be easily enraged by what you read here. Click the link below...




achillesgirl said...

As the adoring owner of a rescue American Pitbull, I have a responsibility to keep other animals (including humans) safe from her all times. I love my dog but one must be knowledgeable, and above all realistic, about dog behavior.

Accidents happen in even the best situations. No matter the breed, dogs are pack animals that can easily become frenzied. It's NATURE. Nobody gets horrified when a pride of lions bring down a hippo, or whatever.

We domesticated the animal that is dog. We should be able to deal with the consequences.

venoms5 said...

A buddy of mine had a pit bull he named Scarlett. She was the friendliest dog you'd ever meet and loved the attention of any dog and any person that wanted to play with her. She stayed inside much of the time.

For whatever reason, one day she was let outside without her leash and took off like she was shot out of a gun and never came back. She had run off before, but had come back those couple of times. Sadly, there had been a rash of pit bull attacks in the area at the time so we assumed she was either killed, or picked up and used for cruel activities. Down my way dog fighting is popular among certain groups of people. This was just one of many, many incidents over the last few years.

Carrying the mail, I see a lot of abused animals from owners who have no business with pets. I've reported a few myself.

R.A.M.'67 said...

As to the first part of this entry, I've cast my vote!

The second part is simply a scary affair for all involved (animals and people).

Was this lady in over her head with all these pit bulls? Maybe she rescued too many beyond her means, especially if she lives by herself. (Not everybody has the special touch for rehabilitating dogs like a Cesar Milan does.)

venoms5 said...

Yeah, I'd say she was in over her head, but she had admirable intentions. A shame, really. It's difficult to rehabilitate an abused animal much less seven of them. I don't know what happened to the other three. The report didn't say.

Kaijinu said...

ow i overlook this is very bad of me. I own a dog, a cat and a hamster, and I have a strong emotional attachment to them. This is certainly a bizarre case for me, even for my country where those bastards run illegal dog fight...

venoms5 said...

This is a problem here, too, and sadly, a terrible problem for the breeds.

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