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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: New Asian Cult Blog, Japanese Film Festival & the New Flying Guillotine Movie!

Shaun Anderson of The Celluloid Highway and myself have joined forces to create a new blog exclusively reserved for the wild and wonderful world of Asian cinema. There you'll find respected works from classic directors clashing steel with wickedly wacky cult productions spanning Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. It's all Asian all the time. The name of the site is LONE WOLVES & HIDDEN DRAGONS. Click the link below if you wish to take the journey to the Forbidden City and all the Kool and Kooky movies Asian cinema has to offer!


Next, the Japan Society has something special for Yakuza movie lovers. If you're enamored with some of the biggest and best names in Japan's violent world of gangster cinema, read on!

This season, Japan Society is proud to present the new Globus Film Series, Hardest Men in Town: Yakuza Chronicles of Sin, Sex & Violence. From March 9 to 19, Japan Society will be screening a series of 15 yakuza films, from 1960s productions featuring chivalrous kimono-clad, sword-wielding gangsters to today's ruthless gun-toting villains dealing in debt, dark trades and deeds. Featuring films by internationally acclaimed directors such as Takeshi Kitano, Seijin Suzuki, and Kenji Fukasaku (among many others), the series includes a large number of premieres and titles never-before shown in the U.S. Also introducing some of these screenings will be a few very special guests, including writer/director Paul Schrader, author Jake Adelstein, and director Takashi Miike.

Featured Films:

The Yakuza – Directed by Sydney Pollack

Onibi: The Fire Within – Rokuro Mochizuki

The Wolves – Hideo Gosha

The Walls of Abashiri Prison (pt. 3): Longing for Home - Teruo Ishii

Brutal Tales of Chivalry - Kiyoshi Saeki

Theater of Life: Hishakaku - Tadashi Sawashima

Blood of Revenge – Tai Kato

Cops Vs. Thugs – Kenji Fukasaku

Battles Without Honor and Humanity A.K.A. The Yakuza Papers (pt. 3): Proxy War – Kenji Fukasaku

Youth of the Beast – Seijin Suzuki

Dead or Alive – Takashi Miike

A Yakuza in Love A.K.A. Villainous Love – Rokuro Mochizuki

Ryuji - Toru Kawashima

Yakuza Wives – Hideo Gosha

Outrage: The Way of the Modern Yakuza – Takeshi Kitano

The following links are for the Japan Society as well as their blog...



Third and final on this Far East Film post is something that's been in gestation since 2009. There's been a number of remakes for Shaw Brothers Productions over the years and since the Celestial restorations of the old library of classics, some new remakes have turned up recently. One that's finally a go (and has been reported elsewhere) is THE FLYING GUILLOTINES (2011). Back in 2009, it was originally a Dante Lam (BEAST STALKER) movie and now, the team of Teddy Chan and Peter Chan (BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS) returns for this (hopefully) faithful rendition of the Shaw Brothers classic original. The Shaw's produced a troubled official sequel and two additional rip off/spin off movies. If you're not up on your Chinese head slicers, you can get re-acquainted at the four links below...






Shaun Anderson [The Celluloid Highway] said...

That Asian Cult Blog sounds incredible...I must check it out

venoms5 said...

Yes, they're off to a nice start with two choice examples of Japanese horror--one, an underrated and obscure bit of Jidai Geki terror and the other a classick of modern Japanese psychological sadism!

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