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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: Rebels, Remembrances & Roger Corman--Beverly Gray's New Blog

Beverly Gray, the witty and wonderful author of the movie minutiae filled book on Roger Corman detailing her days of working on those tasteless, yet timeless classics has now started a new blog! Something of an expansion pack for her info jammed, 320 page turner (shown above; back cover at bottom), fans of Roger Corman, New World Pictures/New Horizons and Hollywood personalities in general should definitely check out her site. You can also view excerpts from her books as well as places to purchase them. Her new blog is linked below...


In addition to her newly christened blog, 'Beverly In Movieland', there's also her own website which gives even more information regarding her other works including tomes that aren't necessarily Corman-centric. That website is linked below...


Double click the image to read the back cover

Also, for those who may have missed it, below is a link to the Cool Ass Cinema Book Reviews entry from August 18th, 2010 cataloging three books on the Grand Old Man of Exploitation Movies, Roger Corman. Among Beverly's respectably and lovingly no-holds-barred approach to the material in her book, ROGER CORMAN: BLOOD-SUCKING VAMPIRES, FLESH EATING COCKROACHES & DRILLER KILLERS--AN UNAUTHORIZED LIFE, you'll find write ups on two other essential Corman books...


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