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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: A Blogger's Indy Horror, Godzilla & Rob Zombie's Latest

image: The Lucid Nightmare

Jay Shatzer, the writer of the horror themed review blog, The Lucid Nightmare, has just completed his first feature film. It's an independent production entitled AMONG THE FALLEN. I watched the trailer last night and it looks really interesting. It appears to be a surrealist, psychological approach to zombie lore and judging by the trailer, it looks pretty impressive. Readers can watch the trailer at the link below.


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In other horror news, it appears Guillermo Del Toro continues to be courted by Warner Brothers to direct the upcoming (groan) American GODZILLA movie even though Gareth Edwards is attached as director. After that blasphemous fiasco that was the 1998 GODZILLA, I have little faith in this newer Occidental endeavor. But then, the Japanese showed that they could produce an equally insultive travesty with their coffin nailer, GODZILLA FINAL WARS (2004).

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Unlike its sojourn in the 50s and 80s, 3D doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Now it seems Leatherface is reportedly getting the "In Your Face" approach according to popular horror sites. The upcoming CONAN is another 3D flick that might actually be pretty good even though it will likely be dominated primarily by computer generated imagery like everything else these days.

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Finally, last and certainly least, it appears Robbie Z's new movie is starting production this Spring (shooting supposedly was to begin mid April) since his (likely) redneck remake of THE BLOB has (thankfully) been skuppered. Now, it's an "original" work entitled LORDS OF SALEM. A co-production between the UK's Alliance Films and the producers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, LORDS OF SALEM was written by Rob Zombie (Oh, no!!) and regardless of what people say, sounds like a new take on the John Llewellyn Moxey classic, CITY OF THE DEAD (1960). In an interview with Empire, the Z man stated that this will be his "bleakest of all my's only gonna get worse!" Never were truer words spoken than that last bit of dialog. In a bit of unintentional comic genius, Zombie was referred to as a "master of the genre" by one interviewee.

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I am interested in seeing the film, if only to see how infantile, expletive filled, 3rd grade dialog is going to be implemented into a picture that revolves around vengeance seeking witches. I'm also curious to see if the Z'ster manages to wedge a traveling carnival in there somewhere as well as another excuse to reuse Nazareth's 'Love Hurts'. No doubt Sherri Moon Zombie will be featured along with sub par QT referential nods. Considering Zombie has been given complete control over the script, casting and final cut, I'd be SHOCKED if none of these above things were lurking somewhere within the finished product. Despite my overall dislike (and sometimes hatred) of Zombie's movies, I hope to finally find one that I do indeed enjoy. It's obvious Zombie is a real horror fan living a dream and has passion for these things.I'll give him that much.


Will Errickson said...

I totally agree with what you said at the end about Rob Z. He seems like he'd be a great guy to hang with and talk horror all night long, but man, I don't give fuck one about his movies. Both times I got DEVIL'S REJECTS from Netflix, the DVD was busted. I took that as a sign. His HALLOWEEN remakes... what was the point?

venoms5 said...

I've seen all of his live action movies in the theater except for his HALLOWEEN 2. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS was his "best" movie out of them, I'd say, even though that movie frequently irritated me with Z's propensity (or attempt) to make the most sadistic, deplorable people sympathetic.

I discussed his HALLOWEEN redo's in the REMAKES column and both of them (most especially the first one he did) are among the worst, most ridiculous wastes of film I've ever laid eyes on.

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