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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: Rob Zombie Comes Clean in Woolite Commercial

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After directing such future National Film Registry titles as HOUSE OF HOW MANY CORPSES? and THE DEVIL'S FLAPJACKS, Rob Zombie has directed his first cinematic masterpiece--a Woolite commercial. This little 30 second number is the best thing he's done yet......mainly because nobody utters any dialog and there's no cover version of 'Love Hurts' to be found anywhere. Click below to see what Robbie Z does with his dirties....



Franco Macabro said...

That was pretty cool, its got his style written all over it! I dont hate Rob Zombie's movies, they've always been interesting to me, at least up to Halloween II which was a stinker, but only because it was one of those nightmare shoots where producers and directors just dont get along. The final result in those working conditions isnt always great. Look at Terry Gilliams The Brothers Grimm. It production was similar, and look at the results, not Gilliam's best.

But the rest of his filmology is interesting, entertaining, a homage to whatever it is that Rob Zombie likes best, be it Sam Peckinpah, John Carpenter or Tobe Hooper. In that way he is a bit like Tarantino, where they take their favorite genre films and remake them or do something similar.

venoms5 said...

For me all of Robbie Z's movies have various odors emanating from them. Some are stinkier than others. Seriously, though, I do hope he makes a bonafide good movie at some point or other. Tarantino is another one whose films get worse and worse with each new one. Haven't seen his "war" picture and his DJANGO UNCHAINED looks to be a joke. The plot has more in common with THE LEGEND OF NIGGER CHARLEY (1972) than DJANGO. This must be the slave movie he stated he wanted to make after that ridiculous GRINDHOUSE movie tanked.

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