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Monday, September 3, 2012

Assorted Bits & Pieces: The Winners of THE LAST SAMURAI DVD Giveaway contests!

Well, the three week long DVD giveaway of three copies of Kenji Misumi's three hour epic, THE LAST SAMURAI (1974) has come to a close.

Congratulations to Tyler Martin of Pennsylvania for winning the third and final copy to give away. The three winners are listed below (and their blog links where applicable) as well as links to purchase the DVD should you be interested.

A huge thanks to Neptune Media for providing the discs and also for putting out a respectable release of Misumi's last film. Hopefully this will lead to further releases of classic, or obscure cult film titles of various genres in Japanese cinema!

1. Craig Edwards of North Carolina! Craig is the brains behind the lively pop culture-cult film blog Let's Get Out of Here! And you can do so by clicking the link below...


2. G. Litman of Ohio! G. is better known as The Great White Dope of the blog linked below. If you're looking for bad movies and heavy doses of sarcastic wit, Get Dope!


3. Tyler Martin of Pennsylvania was the third and final winner! Tyler doesn't have a blog, but he does run a splendid youtube channel that specializes in Japanese film music, rare cues and classical pieces. The link is below...


THE LAST SAMURAI (1974) DVD is available through Amazon HERE and at Far East Flix HERE.

The CAC review is HERE.

Neptune Media has been around since the late 1990s releasing a few of Daiei's Gamera titles on VHS and television distribution. This is their first DVD release. You can view company information HERE.

Once again, thanks to Neptune Media, to all those who participated and congratulations to the winners!


Sørensen Exploitation Cinema Proudly Presents said...

I really really dig your blog! So many cool movies and well writen reviews and articles. I got my own horror-movie-blog at Sorensen Exploitation Cinema.

venoms5 said...

Very nicely laid out site, Mr. Sorensen! I added you to the roll. Thanks for the kind words!

Craig Edwards said...

Brian - thanks again for the contest - it was awesome to win a copy of this movie!

venoms5 said...

You're quite welcome, Craig. I appreciate your participation!

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