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Assorted Bits & Pieces: Cool Ass Cinema Gets Two Awards

COOL ASS CINEMA: Lovely? Kreativ?

Before I begin the assemblage of various reviews over the past couple months (with some new stuff to be posted soon), it seems I have become the recipient of two blogging awards. I haven't been perusing blogs much (or even working on my own for that matter) as of late due to other matters taking precedence. This is the first time I've had the chance to post about it, so apologies for the late mention to those kind enough to think my site was good enough to receive any such accolades. The first one came from Carl Manes, the manic and dedicated proprietor of the wide ranging horror haven that is I Like Horror Movies.

As per the rules I am to list 7 things about myself in addition to nominating (and posting links to) 7 other blogs that are Kreativ, so here goes...

1. I used to join my parents at the drive in back in the late 70's/early 80's where we'd see kung fu double and triple features. Sometimes it would be a kung fu and a horror flick together. When the latter was shown, I wasn't allowed to watch. It was there that I got my first exposure to the wonderful world of the Shaw Brothers movies.

2. Shock Theater was one of my favorite shows and it used to scare the hell out of me giving me nightmares almost every time I watched the program. This led to a lifelong fascination and love for horror movies. Later programs that I just had to see every weekend were favorites such as Elvira's Movie Macabre and Commander USA's Groovie Movies. The latter is where I discovered the wonders of Mexi-horror cinema.

3. My fascination with science fiction and fantasy films sprang from the variety of genres that was shown on Saturday mornings and late weekend nights where assorted horror films like BLACK SUNDAY and tripe like ZONTAR, THE THING FROM VENUS were mixing it up with such flicks as THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (and its followups) and TRIUMPH OF THE TEN GLADIATORS.

4. I cook, clean and do everything myself and refuse (at this time) to get married. I do have two "children", two dogs, Bonnie & Clyde.

5. I start a lot of things and never finish them. I've written several finished scripts and have outlines for several more...which remain unfinished. I also used to draw a lot. It was one of the things I enjoyed doing the most. But that hobby has fallen by the wayside over the years.

6. I used to buy movies relentlessly. Having sold off (rather foolishly in a lot of cases) hundreds upon hundreds of VHS tapes, I began amassing a DVD collection that has peaked over 7,000 DVD's. I've slowed down A LOT lately, though. I used to buy ten or more a month, but now I buy a few here and there to add to the pile of some 200 unwatched (and unopened) DVD's.

7. My birthday (January 21st) is shared with some of my favorite childhood personalities: Steve "Hercules" Reeves, Telly (Who Loves Ya' Baby?) Savalas, Benny Hill (my first exposure to British comedy) and Wolfman Jack (I always looked forward to hearing his voice on the radio).

And now, the 7 Kreativ blogs I am to nominate. All of them are diverse in that they got my attention in some way such as sparking a fond memory from my childhood days. These are in no particular order...

1. Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!

This site covers the gamut of rare cult movies from around the world. If you truly have an interest in bizarre movies on the outer fringes in the world of cinema, than this site is well worth your time. Many of the films reviewed here aren't easily obtainable and most are found within collectors circles.

2. The Drunken Severed Head

If the wonderful Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine had an adult oriented sense of humor, the result would look something like this blog. Lots of humor related posts and monsters waiting in the wings. It's a very creative site that monster fans who like to laugh should check out.

3. Temple of Schlock

Run by Chris Poggiali and Paul DeCirce, if your interest is in all things exploitation, than this site is for you. Definitely THE site for information on drive in movies and 42nd Street trash of a bygone era. Prepare to get all nostalgic at various posters and old newspaper clippings heralding the arrival of classy trash from the US and abroad.

4. Maciste and Friends

Lars Jacobsson's Italian adventure film site contains VHS covers for his vast collection of peplum/fusto collection. There's a great number of titles here with a number of them I'd not heard of. Lars often gives a brief synopsis of the titles. If you're a fan, it's a nice place to catch up on titles you may not of known about.

5. Black Sun

Shonen King's site is a great read for fans of Japanese fantastic cinema and television. You'll find entries on familiar names such as Ultraman and Godzilla, but also there's various anime and tokusatsu shows and rare Japanese horror and fantasy film write ups.

6. Trapped Inside Late Night TV

Skeme Richards' site is out of sight for all those who love nostalgia and long for those better days. He hasn't got a lot of content up yet, but it's a superlative, yet modest home for television and movie memories from 'the best of times'.

7. Radiation Cinema! Atomic Age Sci Fi Films and B-Movies

Mykal's site is THE place for fans of old science fiction movies. Here you'll read in depth analysis of various monster movies from the golden age of genre cinema. The site has an eye catching look and is an ideal source for those who actually saw some of the films in the theaters and drive in's back in the day.

An immense thanks to Carl for deeming me worthy enough for an award. I would say for anyone reading who hasn't been there, to stop over and check out ILHM, a site of excellence with its surplus of horror both homegrown and international.

The next award comes from Jonny Metro of Midnite Media, a site that showcases exploitation both old and new. There's also a plethora of various other cinema related content as well. If you're a fan of movies in general, you would do well to give Jonny's site a look. With this award, the 'One Lovely Blog Award', I am to pass it on to upwards of 15 blogs. Before I do that, I must pass on a sincerely appreciated 'Thank You' to Jonny for graciously sending this award to me.

1. Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

With a title like that, how could ones curiosity not be aroused? Here you'll find a menagerie of genre offerings with an accent towards horror. The site is a comfortable bridge between cult films of years past as well as current offerings. Matt also writes reviews for the Paracinema blog.

2. Mondo 70: A Wild World of Cinema

Samuel Wilson's blog is a concise and intriguing site that covers a little bit of everything. The title is self descriptive of what you can expect to find there. Horror, martial arts and various styles of European cinema is the order of the day. It's essential reading for fans with varying tastes.

3. Cavalcade of Perversion

Another great horror blog, this one told in a laid back, witty style by Jenn, the site owner. I don't always agree with her dissertations, but fans of Euro horror and sexploitation should find something of interest.

4. Fred [The Wolf]-Full Moon Reviews

Fred is an avid film fan who writes predominantly horror reviews but also those of other genres. His reviews are raw and to the point. He isn't afraid to speak frankly regarding his opinions.

5. The Lightning Bug's Lair

T. L. Bugg has one of the most colorful and in depth blogs I've seen. Having been online a little over a year, he has amassed a good number of readers. Almost exclusively horror, you'll find other similar genre reviews amongst the gore soaked, but insightful write ups.

6. The Scandy Factory

Like the Basement of Ghoulish Decadence, this site is a love letter to the outmoded VHS format. However, Scandy Tangerine Man's site has the addition of numerous revealing pics of the female form in all its glory. Entries here are fairly random and one of the features that keeps it fresh.

7. Tower Farm Reviews

Another site that makes horror its home, this one is run by the double team of Billy and Jeremy. Horror reviews are the dominating presence here and readers will find a nice library of familiar fear film reviews both old and new.

8. The Cheap Bin

J. Astro's 'Everything AND the Kitchen Sink' site is one of the wittiest, funniest and enlightening you will come across. It's not strictly anything so much as it is strictly everything. You wouldn't need to have a love for movies to enjoy reading here. Very similar to The Drunken Severed Head, but with a far more adult slant.

Well, those are my selections. I'm hoping there's at least a few there that some readers didn't know about, but will check out from time to time. I'd also like to thank those who take the time to read Cool Ass Cinema. Not just those who post comments, but all those who stop by and read my articles and reviews. Also, one last thank you to both Carl at ILHM and Jonny from Midnite Media.
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