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Cool Ass Cinema Book Reviews: Naschy Films & Memorabilia Edition!


By Thorsten Benzel

Hardcover (Limited); 392 pages; color; 2012

Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina) had a deep affection for acting, filmmaking and movies in general; particularly of the fantasy-horror variety. His passion for his craft has shone through some 40 years worth of pictures, many of which belong to the horror genre. He was largely responsible for introducing horror cinema to the Spanish film industry in the late 1960s as well as his films being unleashed on the international market to both theaters and television; opening up his screen persona to a cult of fans that maintain their allegiance to the famed Spanish monster man to this day.

This exceptional tome lovingly compiled by Thorsten Benzel isn't a critical analysis, or document of the making of those movies (some of that is contained within, but not to a great extent), but a vast menagerie of posters, lobby cards and other promotional materials for Naschy's movies from around the world. Totally in color on high quality, glossy paper, this near 400 page book contains complete text in both German and English. 

Some films do get more written about them than others, but the emphasis here is on the array of promotional materials including the history behind certain countries methods in selling the product. The author also details his perseverance in acquiring and locating certain materials, notating just how difficult finding surviving memorabilia can be for some films as well as the territories that distributed them.

The book mostly covers the advertising campaigns of the actor-writer-directors phantasmagorical productions, which may, or may not disappoint some expecting a complete collection. This is addressed by the author himself. However, there are a scant few others outside the horror realm included in a chapter at the back of the book.

Stunning in its lavish number of accumulated promotional materials, MUCHAS GRACIAS SENOR LOBO is a must have for Naschy fans. It also makes a nice addition to any horror fans coffee table ensemble and will easily catch the attention of curiosity seekers with its exceptional plethora of pictures and rare photos that have likely never been seen by prying eyes in decades. A touching Introduction by Sergio Molina (Naschy's son) completes the package.

You can find information about the book at its official page HERE

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