DRIVE IN OF DOOM--Passion Pit exploitation reviews!

LATE NIGHT CREATURE FEATURES--Spookshows after dark on the boob tube!

SLEAZE MERCHANTS--Tasteless filth on film!

80s HORROR--Horror reviews from the Decade of Decadence!

ASIAN HORROR--Predominantly vintage horror from the Orient!

BRITISH HORROR--Atmospheric fear flicks from the United Kingdom!

EURO HORROR--Vintage foreign horror from Europe!

MEXI HORROR--Los Horrores Sangrientos De Mexico!

MILLENNIUM HORROR--Reviews of horror movies since 2000!

PAUL NASCHY MOVIES--Cinema of Spanish horror icon, Paul Naschy!

THE DEVIL MADE THEM DO IT--Reviews of devil movies!

FROM BEYOND TELEVISION--Assorted television episode reviews of Sci Fi/Fantasy and Horror shows!

JAPANESE SCI FI & MONSTERS--Reviews of Science Fiction and Monster Movies from Japan!

SCI FI/FANTASY FILMS--Science Fiction and Fantasy Film reviews!

THE WILD, WILD WEST SERIES EPISODES--Random reviews of the innovative and classic TV Sci Fi Western series!

A FISTFUL OF SPAGHETTI--Reviews for obscure, lesser known Italian westerns!

EURO WESTERN CINEMA CLASSICS--Classic Italian western cinema reviews!

SWORD & SANDAL CINEMA--Reviews of mighty heroes of Greek mythological movies!

ITALIAN CRIME MOVIES--Reviews of the lawlessness in Italian crime cinema!

MAURIZIO MERLI MOVIES--Italian cinema's most popular Violent Cop!

KUNG FU THEATER--Tune in here for your Black Belt Feature reviews!

SONNY CHIBA MOVIES--Films starring the one and only Sonny Chiba!

KAGE NO GUNDAN 2 EPISODE GUIDE--Reviews of the entire 26 episode run!

BLAXPLOITATION FLICKS--The Bad, Black & Beautiful heroes of the street are reviewed here!

RACE HATE/IMPORTANT BLACK FILMS--Reviews of more serious films usually dealing with race relations & controversial subject matter!

COOL ASS COMEDIES--Reviews of Obscure, Forgotten, Or Nostalgic Comedy Classics!

OTHER COOL ASS CINEMA--Reviews of other films that don't necessarily fall into the trash category.

SANTO CINEMA--Reviews of Enmascarado de Plata--El Santo, masked wrestler, fighter of crime and superhero who battles mad scientists and monsters!

SAMURAI CINEMA--Reviews for Jidageki movies of Chambara and other related Japanese swordplay cinema!
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