INTERVIEW WITH ALBERT PYUN--filmmaker, director of THE SWORD & THE SORCERER and others!


INTERVIEW WITH MIKE WHITE--author, writer of Impossibly Funky!

INTERVIEW WITH J.L. CARROZZA--independent filmmaker, directed CONVERSATIONS WITH T.F. MOU and other short films!

INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL EKEROTH--author, writer of Swedish SensationsFilms!

INTERVIEW WITH DON MAY JR.--This is the article, INDEPENDENT DVD COMPANIES: BATTLES WITH BOOTLEGS, CHAIN STORES & AN ECONOMICALLY CRIPPLED CLIMATE. Scroll down about 3/4 the way to read the interview from the president of Synapse Films, Don May Jr. regarding the state of the DVD economy!

INTERVIEW WITH BOBBY RHODES --Tony the Pimp himself, Bobby Rhodes, talks about his career in Italian cinema on such films as THE LAST HUNTER and DEMONS among others and his future projects!

INTERVIEW WITH BRANNON CARTY OF RETROVISION ENTERTAINMENT --CAC interviews the young boss behind new independent DVD label, RetroVision Entertainment!

INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM MUNNS--Makeup FX artist on such pictures as BLACKENSTEIN, THE BOOGENS, SAVAGE HARVEST, THE BEASTMASTER, BRAINSTORM, and others. Munns is also a Cryptozoologist and author!

INTERVIEW WITH JILL ROCKOW--Jill Rockow is an Emmy Award winning SPX makeup artist. In this interview she talks about her career working on such pictures as GRADUATION DAY (1981), FRIGHTMARE (1983), FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984), and others. She also discusses working with Klaus Kinski, Lynn Redgrave, and Robert Downey, Jr., and more!

INTERVIEW WITH MATTHEW MUNGLE--Matthew Mungle is an Oscar winning SPX artist, and one of the busiest in the business. He discusses working on low budget horror pictures in the late 70s and early 80s, growing up a monster kid and his early fascination with makeup, and his many works throughout his lengthy and very busy career!

INTERVIEW WITH ACTRESS LONE FLEMING--Famous Spanish actress, Lone Fleming discusses her career from her beginnings, to working her husband Eugenio Martin's films, and her other works in horror, with emphasis on TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1971). She also discusses her second wind in acting, becoming very busy in the last couple of years with a slew of horror film projects!

TALKING TEMPLARS WITH FILMMAKER, DAVID GARCIA--David Garcia is among the new crop of Spanish horror film directors who are realizing their dreams of bringing to life stories akin to the tales of terror they grew up watching. David discusses his new short film, THE LAST SCRIPT, about Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead Knights. David also discusses the original quartet of films and other genre related interests!

INTERVIEW WITH MARTIAL ARTS FILM ACTOR, JOHN LADALSKI--The late John Ladalski worked for virtually everybody in the Asian action film industry. The following interview was the last one he did before his death July 19th, 2016. From his admiration to Bruce Lee and his martial arts style; to his first work on Andy Sidaris's SEVEN (1979); and on to his work in Hong Kong and Taiwanese independent kung fu features; from the majors like Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest, John details working with a variety of action film stars and directors.

INTERVIEW WITH SHAW BROTHERS AND FIVE VENOM ACTOR PHILIP KWOK (KUO CHUI)--Philip Kwok Chun Fung; or, as fans of old school Kung Fu movies know him, Kuo Chui, is famous for his numerous Shaw Brothers roles in Chang Cheh movies like FIVE VENOMS (1978), SHAOLIN RESCUERS (1979), and many more. He's also well known as a fight choreographer. The former member of the Five Deadly Venoms discusses his early career, working with Chang Cheh, his sole directorial effort, what he's doing today, and his opinion on the industry!

INTERVIEW WITH STEVE NEILL--Makeup FX artist Steve Neill discusses his long, varied career in this interview; he discusses building the CRATER LAKE MONSTER head, the LASERBLAST gun, working for Larry Cohen, Roger Corman, his experience with Oliver Reed, doing Spock's ears for STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, GHOSTBUSTERS and more!

INTERVIEW WITH JOHN CHEUNG--John Cheung (John Chang) has worked with many of the biggest names in HK cinema as well as the biggest production companies, and even independents like the Goldig Film Company. Unlike many of his colleagues he's acted in big Hollywood productions and the first actor in HK cinema to be a diving instructor. John Cheung has done it all and you'll hear about in this interview!

INTERVIEW WITH LU FENG--a perfect companion interview with the Philip Kwok interview, this epic conversation is with The Centipede of the Five Venoms, Lu Feng. The first published interview in English with the famous Shaw Brothers star, Mr. Lu Feng covers his early years in Opera School, his introduction to Chang Cheh, working with big stars back at Shaw Brothers, designing action choreography, directing movies, his opinions on current film trends and much more!

INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR/EDITOR LEE HARRY--the first of two interviews revolving around SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART 2 (1987) begins with this career-spanning interview with its director, Lee Harry. Lee talks about his early years as a monster kid, his jobs working in the movie industry, his love of editing, and directing the cult favorite, SNDN2. For martial arts film fans, Lee also discusses working with Korean super kicker Hwang Jang Lee and Jun Chong (BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM THE GRAVE) on STREET SOLDIERS (1991). Rounding out the interview Lee covers his new projects, one of which is a return to the directors chair!

INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR/WRITER ERIC FREEMAN--the second interview with SNDN2 alums is this one with the film's star, Eric Freeman. Mr. Freeman covers his early years as a struggling actor, revealing some fascinating and funny stories of working on television shows, theatrical productions, and working with big names like Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason and Ralph Bellamy to name a few. Mr. Freeman goes into great detail about the filming of SNDN2 disclosing many stories never revealed before; including his new script that continues the Ricky Caldwell character from SNDN2. Best described as the Epic Freeman interview, there's something for everyone in this provocative discussion!

INTERVIEW WITH SAM FIRSTENBERG PART 1--Well known for directing some of the Cannon Group's best-known action movies in the 1980s, Sam Firstenberg details his career in this massive, 2-part interview. Part One covers his pre-film days; working on Israeli productions; meeting Menahem Golan the first time; working on MANSION OF THE DOOMED (1977); working with some of Hollywood's big names as an AD; directing and working with Sho Kosugi; and much more!

INTERVIEW WITH SAM FIRSTENBERG PART 2--Part 2 covers the Michael Dudikoff era; more Kosugi; the David Bradley era; more Cannon talk--including their rise and fall; Mr. Firstenberg's opinions on shooting action then and now; the one film he would either change or not do at all; the weirdest film he ever made; what he's doing today; and much more!

INTERVIEW WITH ROGER BROWNE--Of the crop of American actors who followed Steve Reeves to Europe to film Sword and Sandal pictures, one of the best of the bunch was Roger Browne. Covering his entire career from start to finish, Mr. Browne has some incredible stories to tell--having worked with nearly every big name and director from the era. Making a successful transition to the Eurospy productions, Mr. Browne covers his time acting in those films as well. In this interview, you'll learn how he became an actor; how he ended up in Italy; many of the big names he came into contact with; his experiences working on the sets of his gladiator and spy pictures; films he was attached to that never got off the ground; his experiences with big names like Gordon Mitchell, Dan Vadis, Gordon Scott, etc; why he left the industry, and much more in this expansive interview peppered with a good deal of humor from one of the last peplum stars alive today!

A CONVERSATION WITH GODAN: GREGORY SNEGOFF ON FILMING SHE & HIS CAREER IN DUBBING--This review for Avi Nesher's SHE (1983) via the new blu-ray includes an interview with Gregory Snegoff, one of the film's stars and a prolific voice actor. The interview covers his part in the movie and also his entire career as a dubber. If you've watched any Italian exploitation movies or anime from the 1980s, you've heard his voice before. Snegoff discusses working in the Italian film industry dubbing exploitation movies, big American action movies, and anime during the 80s explosion he helped usher in.

XENON AND ZED: AN INTERVIEW WITH COMEDIAN, ACTOR, AND VOICE ACTOR, DAVID TRAYLOR--This is a supplemental interview with David Traylor, Xenon in SHE (1983); a companion piece to the above review and interview. In this discussion, David talks about his varied and fascinating career in comedy; dubbing Italian exploitation movies; and what it was like working on SHE, the source of his character, and working with the other cast members.

INTERVIEW WITH AWARD-WINNING MAKEUP EFFECTS ARTIST TOM BURMAN--In this lengthy, career-spanning discussion, Mr. Burman talks about his career-making work on the original PLANET OF THE APES series; early days on AIP's monster pictures; his other collaborations with Oscar-winning makeup artist John Chambers, including the critically-acclaimed PRIMAL MAN docu-series and 1977s ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU; making disguises for the CIA; the troubles he encountered making CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977); making mutant bears in PROPHECY (1979); creating transformations for THE BEAST WITHIN and CAT PEOPLE (both 1982); his time with Stan Winston; winning Emmy's for numerous TV shows, and much, much more.

KUNG FU THEATER: INTERVIEWS WITH MARTIAL ARTS ACTORS THOMAS TRAMMELL & RON HALL PART 1 of 2--In this first of a two-part interview series, Eugene Thomas Trammell discusses his lengthy career working in Taiwan making Kung Fu movies. His working relationship with Rudy Ray Moore is discussed as is his stint as a basketball player in Taiwan; working with Robert Tai and Tomas Tang and many of the martial arts stars he worked with along the way.

MAKO: THE JAWS OF DEATH & A CONVERSATION WITH DIRECTOR WILLIAM GREFE--This is a review for the movie, but included is an interview with the film's director, William Grefe. In it, Grefe details some truly wild stories on how he made the movie just as JAWS-mania began. Over the course of the 11 questions, you'll learn about the origins of the story; the wrangling of the real sharks used in the movie; harrowing stories of filming multiple sharks at once; working with the actors; and some hilarious stories about Harold Sakata and even Alex Rocco on Grefe's STANLEY (1972).

LOST WORLDS & CHAINSAW PIGS: AN INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR KEVIN CONNOR--If you grew up watch the dinosaur Fantasy monster movies from Amicus-AIP you're in for a treat with this interview with filmmaker Kevin Connor. In it, Mr. Connor discusses his intentions to become a DP, then becoming an editor, and on to his directorial career. Topics covered include working with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Doug McClure, Patrick Wayne, Donald Pleasence, Rory Calhoun, Patrick Swayze; working at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios; making MOTEL HELL and THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS; directing TV mini-series and TV movies, and more!

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