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Famous Monsters Memories: 5 Monster World Covers & Assorted Behind the Scenes Photos

When Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine reached issue #69, they skipped issues number #70 through #79 to switch over to this companion mag, Monster World. In what would have been ten issues of FMOFL anyways, this short-lived project ended after ten issues. Famous Monsters re-started with issue #80. The editorial in that issue explains the situation.


The following are five covers and behind the scenes photos from various films scanned from the five issues of Monster World I have in my collection. The cover at the top is from the first issue and its back cover is shown above.

Behind the scenes shot of Lon Chaney Sr. testing out his monstrous movie molars.

Issue two featured a lead story on the hit, but short-lived television series, THE MUNSTERS. Check out that issues back cover for yet another cool ghoul model kit from Aurora! Did anybody ever get one of those?

This photo above is a behind the scenes shot from the aborted television series from Hammer, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN (1958).

Issue #6 features a big spread on Tor Johnson and his affiliations with Ed Wood Jr. particularly BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1956).

Boris Karloff photographed behind a slew of monster masks, some of them molded to his features in films he appeared in.

Issue #8 features the creature DR. X (1932) built. There's also a double feature of JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER and BILLY THE KID VERSUS DRACULA (both 1966).

Roger Corman gives instructions to the contaminated creature from DAY THE WORLD ENDED (1955).

Issue #10 is one of the best of this brief run of monster issues before Famous Monsters resumed. The cover ghoul is from Hammer's THE REPTILE (1966).

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