Friday, October 28, 2011

Assorted Bits & Pieces: The CONNOISSUER's COOL collaborations with AGITATED MINDs along the CELLULOID HIGHWAY

Summoned by the creative mind behind The Film Connoisseur, Cool Ass Cinema joined the Four Horsemen of the Blogular Apocalypse partaking in a supernatural potpourri Halloween special dealing with supernatural silver screen succulence!


Franco Gonzalez of the energetically fan friendly Film Connoisseur covers a string of vintage, silent, supernatural spookers. Neil Fulwood of the enlightening Agitation of the Mind tackles modern day hauntings. Shaun Anderson of the cerebral Celluloid Highway dissects Britain's eerie endeavors and yours cruelly peruses Asia's otherworldy buffet of supernatural shenanigans. Take a walk (or run) through the wild, wooly and downright weird world of paranormal, the abnormal and the vengeful deities of supernatural cinema!

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