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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shaw Brothers Cinema: Gregory Peck at Shaws, Candid Gordon Liu, Shaw Rarities & HK Horror

This is a mix and match edition spotlight on Shaw Brothers rare productions. There's a little about some Shaw movies that were announced for there DVD releases, but were removed for whatever reason. For this entry, I've included some random photos--one of Gordon Liu and one of Gregory Peck visiting the Shaw studio. He was one of many big name stars to visit the world renowned filmmaking factory.


First up is poster artwork (pictured above) for the unreleased to DVD, Sun Chung horror movie, REVENGE OF THE CORPSE (1981) aka THE BLOODTHIRSTY DEAD. There is a bad quality bootleg of this title out there in collectors circles till the restored print gets its overdue DVD release. I've seen the first ten minutes of the film. It's quite good, but the quality is almost unwatchable. This picture was featured on the inside back cover of Southern Screen May 1981.

Also from the May '81 issue is a promo page (one of several) for HUMAN LANTERNS (1982) then titled LANTERN SCARE....

The personalities are from left to right--Sun Chien (above), Tony Liu Yung (below), Chen Kuan Tai (middle), Lo Lieh (top) and Lo Mang (bottom). The film is a Wuxia/horror hybrid. One of the best of Sun Chung's resume, it combined the best of his signature directorial flourishes and married them to extreme horror machinations. Read the HUMAN LANTERNS review here.

Now on to one of the Shaw's biggest motion pictures, a co-production with Central Motion Picture Corporation.....

This is a two page promo for THE BATTLE FOR THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA (1981). The DVD was announced several times and continuously pushed back. It did come out in a fullscreen DVD in Taiwan in 2004 if I am not mistaken. Reportedly, there were no English subs on the print.

With such a massive cast that includes such luminaries as Ti Lung, Chen Kuan Tai, Wong Tao, Lo Mang, Erh Tung Sheng and Wong Yu, it's amazing this sprawling epic never got released in its widescreen glory. These pictures are from the October 1981 issue of Southern Screen.

Now, we have a shot of Gordon Liu and his dog from the Shaw's movie magazine, Hong Kong Movie News, December 1979 issue.
These magazines have numerous actor/actress shots throughout each issue....

Also in the same issue, is a poster on the back cover for CLAN OF THE WHITE LOTUS (1979) aka FISTS OF THE WHITE LOTUS starring Gordon Liu and Lo Lieh. It is also directed by Lo Lieh with choreography by Liu Chia Liang. It is the sequel to the box office hit, EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN (1976). Lo Lieh plays the renegade priest, Pai Mei in that film. For the sequel, he plays the even more powerful classmate to Pai Mei, the White Lotus Chief.....

And finally, here are a collection of pics of Gregory Peck visiting Shaw studios. I am unclear on what productions are featured in the photos, if any....

Over the years, many famous stars have entered the doors of the fabled studio. Stars such as John Wayne, The Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor are among the dozens to tour Shaw movietown. These photos are from the October 1981 issue of Southern Screen.


Skeme Richards said...

As always great reading!!


venoms5 said...

Hey, Skeme, nice of you to stop over. I know you got a big event coming up. I'll be in NY the week after next, myself visiting friends.

Anonymous said...

Btw on the Peck spread, it states the sets he toured w/Mona Fong then attached working titles: Kuei Chih Hung's 'Guangzhou Jiao fu' (literal: 'Kwangchow godfather' aka 'Godfather from Canton'), Li Han Hsiang's 'San shi nian xi shuo chong tou' (literal 'A 30 yr detailed chronicle' aka 'Passing Flickers') & not pictured Taylor Wong's 'Ru lai shen zhang' aka 'Buddha's Palm'. VIP tours for non-Chinese dignitaries, the studio would customarily appoint a staff member who's fluent in English to translate, usually people like prod. mgr Chua Lam, stars David Chiang, Lily Ho or Tony Liu during that period; this time it's Fanny Fen Ni.

Great memories. My compliments, these are rare.

venoms5 said...

Thanks a lot, Kenichiku! I noticed Kuei in the second pic, but was unsure just what Peck was actually doing as in making the rounds at the studio.

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