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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Famous Monsters Memories: 5 Covers of Famous Monsters Mayhem

This next installment of 'Famous Monsters Memories' contains five covers from issues I have in my collection. One of these covers features an actual photo as opposed to a painted image.

First up is the cover to issue number 46 from September 1967. The cover ghoul is the wolfman from Hammer's sole entry into lycanthropy, THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF from 1961. Some of the features in this issue include the Terrorscope, an article that teases coming attractions either in production, or about to be. This section of FMOF was always very fun to read, especially given that a lot of the films never surfaced, or ended up with a title change. There's a great article on Hammer's THE MUMMY SHROUD (1967) including some choice behind the scenes photos including one of the actual mummy in the British Museum that was used as a model for Prem. Another interesting piece is a feature by Italian moviemaker, Luigi Cozzi on an Italian horror movie entitled THE MONSTER OF THE OPERA, which I assume is the 1964 Renato Polselli movie of the same name. THE VAMPIRE & THE BALLERINA (1960; also directed by Polselli) also gets a photo filled spread.

Issue 47 features the Claude Rains version of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1943) in addition to a story on the film. There's also a retrospective on the esteemed actor who had just passed away a few months prior. Another monster-ific article is a picture packed feature on the Godzilla fan favorite, INVASION OF ASTRO MONSTER aka MONSTER ZERO (1965). Other articles include a write up on a fan made 80 minute remake of HORROR OF DRACULA (1958) that contains a recreation of the disentigration of Chris Lee's Dracula that didn't make it into the finished movie.

What's on the back cover?

Here, I am assuming are stories on LP. These look like fun and it would be interesting to be able to hear one of these. I would guess these are like audio novels you get in the book store? Maybe a reader who may have seen, or owned one can elaborate?

Following that it's issue 49 from May of 1968. The cool ghoul cover features the visage of Henry Hull as THE WEREWOLF OF LONDON (1935). There's articles on Lugosi, Chaney Jr., a comic called 'Footsteps of Frankenstein', a spread on MOTHRA (1962) and a nice selection of monster movie pics, which were always welcome since the only way to see the movies was either at a theater, or on tv.

Issue 50 from '68 features that British giant monster, GORGO (1961) on the cover by the famous Famous Monsters artist, Basil Gogos. In the Coming Attractions section, an 'in the making' movie entitled THE VALLEY TIME FORGOT is mentioned; a film that ultimately became THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1968). A behind the scenes look at the work of effects artist, Ben Nye (THE FLY, THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE) is featured. A picture filled look at GORGO (1961) is also on hand as well as a comic version of Hammer's HORROR OF DRACULA (1958).

What's on the back cover?

It's a look at the war comic magazine favorite, BLAZING COMBAT

Lastly, this edition of Famous Monsters Memories closes out with Issue number 52 from October of 1968. This one features a photo of Barnabus Collins from the hit horror soap opera, DARK SHADOWS. There's also an article on the show itself. Also featured is a piece on the death of actor, Albert Dekker and a photo filmbook on SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939). There's a really cool pic of Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi and birthday ghoul, Boris Karloff (all in makeup) preparing to dig into his birthday cake on the set of SON. The best part of this issue is the spread on the hit movie, PLANET OF THE APES (1968). There's some awesome behind the scenes photos (one features Lou Wagner as Lucius in various stages of ape makeup reading issue 50 of FMOF) as well as informative notes on the making of the movie. The issue closes out with a piece on REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (1943) starring John Carradine.



I Like Horror Movies said...

Yesssssssss some sweet ass Gorgo action! CURSE is the big winner in my book, cant go wrong with a little Reeds action

venoms5 said...

I agree on CURSE. A very nice painted cover. Oliver Reed is one of my fave actors. He was totally ace in Sollima's REVOLVER (1973) and also very funny as the sex obsessed Indian in the obscure western comedy, THE GREAT SCOUT & CATHOUSE THURSDAY (1976).

Doing these cover scans and overviews of the mags is giving me a chance to read many of the FMOF I have yet to peruse. Some truly great stuff found in a great many of Forry's monster mag.

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