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Monday, May 17, 2010

Shaw Brothers Cinema: Cast Profiles, Behind the Scenes & Unfinished Rarities

This Shaw Brothers edition of 'Assorted Bits & Pieces' features a wide variety of behind the scenes shots, star profiles and some pics of unfinished movies. All the photos seen herein come from Shaw's other movie magazine publication, Hong Kong Movie News between the years of 1973 through 1975. First up are some various behind the scenes shots from assorted Shaw productions....


To start things off on a high note, it's a nifty cast photo from Chang Cheh's sprawling, yet troublesome production of THE BOXER'S REBELLION (1975). This is a several page spread featured in HK Movie News January 1975.

From left to right--Liang Chia Jen, Chi Kuan Chun, Hu Chin, Alexander Fu Sheng, Jenny Tseng and Tang Yen San. One of Cheh's numerous Chang's Company pictures shot in Taiwan in conjuction with Shaw Brothers, it tells the tale of a group of Chinese patriots dealing with the invasion of China by foreign military forces. Peplum and trash film actor, Richard Harrison co-stars.

April 1972 HK Movie News

This shot above includes a pic featuring Lily Ho (left), Yueh Hua (middle) and singer, Betty (right) in the film then known as BODY & SWORD (1972). Retitled to the much more intriguing, INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN, the film dealt with a woman sold to a brothel and her intentions to escape and kill those who have ravished her body. Throw in a vicious female brothel owner who falls in love with the vengeful lady avenger and a determined constable and you have the ingredients for one of the classiest exploitation movies of all time.

April 1972 HK Movie News

The next pic above are some behind the scenes shots from Chang Cheh's WATER MARGIN (1972). Is that a young John Woo with David Chiang in the top picture to the right? Below that, Ku Feng enjoys a meal with his co-stars during a break.

April 1972 HK Movie News

Above, it's more behind the scenes shots from WATER MARGIN and shots from ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS (1973). Chen Kuan Tai is listed amongst the cast of the first picture, but his scenes seem to have been cut out save for one or two shots. Here, we can see 'The Tattooed Dragon' being prepped for a scene including the shot to the right where his knife injury is prepared.

April 1972 HK Movie News

Here's a rare and candid shot of various Shaw Brothers graduates enjoying a picnic. You'll notice a very young Fu Sheng among those pictured. He's sitting down with his hands crossing his legs towards the right of the picture.

February 1973 HK Movie News

And another candid collage of photos featuring Wang Chung with Lily Li (having wrapped THE DELINQUENT), Danny Li Hsueh Hsin and Alexander Fu Sheng having fun on their motorcycles.

Below, it's a couple of random profile images in color....

February 1973 HK Movie News

Here, you see Yueh Hua and Shi Szu posing, or partaking in a lion dance festival

May 1975 HK Movie News

And a casual shot of Fu Sheng and his soon to be wife, singing sensation, Jenny Tseng (Chen Ni).

February 1973 HK Movie News

More behind the scenes shots reveal Chang Cheh showing Chen Kuan Tai how to grab a hold of Ching Li during the making of his classic production of THE BLOOD BROTHERS (1973)

February 1973 HK Movie News

Then, it's various behind the scenes photos including SEX, LOVE & HATE (top; 1974), the pic to the left at bottom I'm not sure of. The right at bottom is a shot of Ti Lung with his dog while shooting THE PIRATE (1973).

Now on to some "unfinished business". First up, it's a couple of photos from a movie that began production as HELLISH SOUL in 1975 and directed by Chu Yuan.

Above and below--May 1975 HK Movie News

Pictured above is from top to bottom--Ching Li, Lin Chin Chi and Ling Yun.

Above is a collection of photos from the film at the time. Later, the movie was merged with another partial movie directed by shock-new wave director, Mo Tun Fei (MEN BEHIND THE SUN, LOST SOULS). Released in 1980, this new anthology was now entitled HAUNTED TALES.

Finally, it's a major curiosity piece that seemingly was never finished, nor released in any format that I am aware of. This is a bizarre looking movie from notable horror and brutal action director, Kuei Chi Hung entitled THE SEX WOLF.

Above and below--January 1975 HK Movie News

What makes this entry interesting, is that it was to have been a horror comedy; something that became popular with the release of SPOOKY ENCOUNTERS in 1980.

The melding of horror, comedy and kung fu was attempted the year prior with the terrible Liu Chia Liang misfire, THE SPIRITUAL BOXER 2 (1979). However, THE SEX WOLF, which began production in 1975, doesn't appear to have any fighting scenes.



Skeme Richards said...

As always a great read with a lot info.


venoms5 said...

Thanks, Skeme! I got a stack of kung fu reviews coming, too. I been neglecting the Fu so I been watching a lot of them lately. Should all be up by tomorrow.

R.A.M.'67 said...

Hey, venoms5!... Regarding the pictures of Wang Chung, Fu Sheng and Lily Li with the motorcycles, these might be "behind-the-scenes" shots from during the making of POLICE FORCE (1973)! Lily's knit cap and Fu Sheng's turtleneck look very much like what they wore early in the movie....

venoms5 said...

Yes, I think they are, but I'm not sure they are shots from the film itself. I'll have to watch the DVD again. I only ever saw it once.

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