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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cool Ass Comics: Monsters, Ghosts & Other Things That Go Bump In the Night

I figured I'd run off another entry while I had some of the comics out this evening. Most of the books featured here are one's I bought with my allowance when I was a kid and are presented here "uncut", warts and all complete with worn and crinkled covers.


HOUSE OF MYSTERY started out as a horror comic akin to the EC comics of the day. When the controversy surrounding those grim, yet artistic endeavors brought an end to such lurid storytelling, DC's series morphed into a superhero book such as DIAL H FOR HERO. Later on, it returned to strictly terror tales. It lasted 321 issues.

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE was another DC horror title that ended in 1982. This issue, #43, was one of the last. The run ended with issue #46.


GHOSTS was yet another horror title from DC, the home of such famous characters as BATMAN and SUPERMAN. GHOSTS ran for 112 issues ending in the early 80's around the time some of their other horror titles finished up there runs. Below are two additional GHOSTS covers as well as a look at the back covers for retro reasons.



Below is the back cover of GHOSTS #86 advertising a poster for something called STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (1979).

And then the back cover for GHOSTS #71 features a cool ad for some BATTLESTAR GALACTICA model kits. Anybody have these?

Charlton Comics had their own line of horror titles and they were told in the same style as everyone else's. All seemingly inspired by the trailblazers at EC comics, the Charlton series of spooky stories consisted of titles such as GHOSTLY TALES, GHOST MANOR, HAUNTED and BEYOND THE GRAVE. Below are a series of covers for some of them.



HAUNTED #75 (1984 reprint)

BEYOND THE GRAVE #7 (January 1983 reprint)



Comic book movie adaptations were a regular occurrence back in the day. Here's one for the movie THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1986). Sometimes, movie adaptations would be broke up over several issues and other times, they'd be crammed into one 60 to 80 page comic book. The latter is the case with this one. The comic ends with the theatrical ending and not the original, downbeat ending.

Lastly, it's a couple of horror themed CONAN style comic books. One from DC and the other from Marvel.

This is ARAK, SON OF THUNDER issue #12. This issue obviously took inspiration from CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981; there's also a multi headed dog creature). This series featuring a Native American hero lasted for 47 issues.

This is CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #22. It featured the first of eight appearances by THONGOR, a character modeled after CONAN. This Marvel series frequently dealt with stories about monsters and fantasy characters. The series lasted for 37 issues. There was also to have been a live action movie in the 1970's from Amicus, the lead rival to Hammer Films, but the company went bankrupt before the film could be mounted.



Franco Macabro said...

Wow dude, awesome post! I actually have a couple of issues of House of Mystery, I really dig those comics! They were trying to be like the old EC comics like Tales from the Crypt, only a bit tamer because of all the heat that Tales from the Crypt got. But I love me those old scary comics! I wish they made more of those, Rob Zombie did something similar lately with his Spook Show International Comics, I enjoyed those too.

Great post on old comics, Im a huge fan, I got BOXES of old comics man! I just cant bring myself to give them away or sell them, they are too valuable to me!

venoms5 said...

I'm with ya' Francisco! I love some TALES FROM THE CRYPT and any horror comic in general. I got a bunch of the reprints of TALES, VAULT OF HORROR, HAUNT OF FEAR, SHOCK SUSPENSE STORIES and a few others. I got a few thousand others that are non horror. I hope to get around to posting a lot of them here.

Will Errickson said...

Oddly, I read very few comics as a kid. I do recall in 4th grade a girl bringing in her dad's hardcover EC horror collection, which sent the classroom into an uproar. One comic terrified me, though, and I was able to find it on eBay a few years back. Check it out:

venoms5 said...

I hear ya', Will. For every ten I read, there were around forty that went unread. I'll be posting some comic oldies soon.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Sadly, I have never read a single Horror comic, ever. I really want to pick up the EC comics releases that have hit hardcover to catch up on the awesome, but the cover art for each of these look fantastic! Ill never forget seeing the first poster for Army of Darkness on the back of my X-Men books in the early 90s =D

venoms5 said...

I got a bunch of the EC reprints from the 90's, the first sets were from Gladstone, then I believe Gaines himself released a bunch of them. I'd have to go back and verify.

I'll be posting superhero comics, too. I got a bunch of very early Spiderman's, Thor, Fantastic Four, etc...

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