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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cool Ass Comics: Conan Edition!

This is a sampling of some of my CONAN THE BARBARIAN comics including a bonus comic, the first issue of RED SONJA. Some issues are slightly more worn than others, but are still in very good condition

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CONAN THE BARBARIAN issue 1, October 1970

This first adventure deals with a young Conan in his first battle at Venarium and his joining a band of Aesgaardian mercenaries. Conan also comes face to face with his first duel with the supernatural and later finds himself in a city lorded over by a sorcerer who possesses the 'Star Stone', that enables a look into the past, or future.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN issue 16, July 1972

After a battle in the snow with a group of vikings, Conan chases Atali, a naked siren with flowing blonde tresses and meets the Frost Giants, a cannibalistic clan of warriors. After defeating them, Conan passes out and is found by another group of warriors. Has it all been a dream? A second barbarian story with Starr, the Slayer is entitled 'The Sword & the Sorcerers' and is similar to the Conan tale.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN issue 54, September 1975

Conan is hired by Belzamo, the ruler of Ronnoco to consult an oracle about a forced marriage involving a kidnapped girl. The price to speak with the priestess is an arm. Naturally, Conan disagrees, kills the guard and takes his fancy blade to replace his own. After insulting the skeletal oracle, Conan realizes he cannot leave the grounds and must do battle with a demonic doppleganger.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN issue 139, October 1982

Conan and Pelija, a female companion, are transported to the Isle of the Living Dead to snatch a magical amulet from her father, the wizard, Ishi Lon. In this mystical nightmare world, both Conan and Pelija do battle with the snake people and the gigantic gorgon beast, Ishiti. This is one of my favorite issues and the way Conan defeats Ishiti reminds me of the scene in Deodato's THE BARBARIANS (1987) where the two twins kill a swamp dragon.

Check out the back cover with the Atari game for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.


The first tale is from the days of King Conan and is adapted from Howard's novel, 'The Hour of the Dragon'. The Cimmerian, having been removed from the Aquilonian throne, awakens shackled and in the company of the wizard Xaltotun who wishes to use him in an evil plan. A harem girl, Zenobia, helps King Conan escape the dungeon but not before battling a fang-toothed gorilla. The story is continued in the next issue. The second half is 'Zukala's Daughter', based on 'Zukala's Hour', a poem from Robert E. Howard. This tale was originally published in CONAN number 5.

Marvel Feature Presents: Red Sonja issue 1, November 1975

Red Sonja's first comic adventure entitled 'The Temple of Abomination' where she ends up within a sacrificial temple lorded over by devil worshipping Satyrs. The second half of this issue is an origin tale about Sonja's days as a mercenary and her brief journey with Conan the barbarian.



Fazeo said...

I was a huge fan of the Savage Sword of Conan magazine/comic. In fact I've been buying the Dark Horse reprints of the series and the stories are still thrilling and captivating.

venoms5 said...

Yeah, I love those SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN's, too. I first saw them in a barber shop as a kid. The cover had Conan holding up a decapitated head while standing on a pile of corpses. My mom bought them for me whenever I had the chance to see one in a convenience store.

I got about 50 or more of them. Also I got a stack of the CONAN SAGA magazines, B/W reprints of the SAVAGE TALES and SAVAGE SWORD magazines.

Skeme Richards said...

Always loved Conan comics. I've got a few in the collection but but not as many as I would like. Actually think I might go back and read a few.

venoms5 said...

I was thinking the same thing, Skeme, when I was picking these out. I thought about reading through them again especially the B/W SAVAGE SWORD issues. I liked those best.

I Like Horror Movies said...

I've never picked up a single Conan book (eeep!), not for lack of interest, but for lack of availability growing up. Might have to look out for those TPBs you linked to V!

venoms5 said...

My favorites are the SAVAVE TALES/ SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN black and white comic magazines. They were far more adult than the Marvel color comics. Both are good, though.

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