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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cool Ass Cinema Book Reviews: Swedish Sin & Skin Edition!


By Daniel Ekeroth

Softcover; 320 pages; Color and B/w

Outside of relatively few instances, Sweden's wide array of exploitation history is a virtually untapped, un-mined territory outside of Europe. With Daniel Ekeroth's new book, SWEDISH SENSATIONSFILMS, Sweden's salaciousness has finally been unleashed on the black masses of sex and sadism sinema. Inside are over 200 such productions featured within the tome's 320 pages accompanied by a gaggle of glossy photos and images ranging from stills from the films, or poster and lobby cards. One of the books most vital attributes is an engrossing chapter by Christina Lindberg (as told to Ronny Bengtsson) covering her career high-points both in her movies and those she worked with. While the subject matter will not be for everyone, this is an undeniable labor of love cataloging the carnality and cruelty of one of the least discussed corners of Euro-sleaze.

Ekeroth's book is not just a sordid collection of Swedish delights, there's also a history of the countries cinematic traditions from its earliest beginnings of misbegotten movies and penchant for showcasing skin on screen to the aftermath once the sex and smoke had cleared. Another chapter is one of the most intriguing and really raises the bar for a book dealing with predominantly unknown productions. The 'Glossary of Curious Swedish Culture' is an educative journey for the uninitiated to grasp a better understanding of the country as well as providing a guide that will likely enhance the experience of the films should the curious seek them out. The 'Rogue's Gallery' divulges information regarding the performers and various behind the scenes technicians on their works both at home and in Hollywood. Finally, the chapter that will be of most interest to those unfamiliar with these movies (and probably a few that are) is a chapter that highlights 20 SensationsFilms that are choice cuts of meaty entertainment.

From its earliest examples of on screen lewdness, to Ingmar Bergman's VIRGIN SPRING, to Christina Lindberg, to Bo Vibenius' THRILLER, to the decline of this controversial cinematic style, prepare for 'Shock & Awe' Swedish style. Filled with skin and sin, the rabid hell hounds of Euro trash cinema will rejoice in getting their killer kicks from yet another exploitation avenue rife for exploration. The book can be ordered at, or from the publisher, Bazillion Points at the link below...


Read the interview with Daniel Ekeroth from February 16th, 2011 with CAC...


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