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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Famous Monsters Memories: 4 Covers, Cool Ghoul Ads & Behind the Screams Photos

This edition contains a quartet of terror from Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine covers. In addition, there's also a slew of rare images, poster artwork and advertisements from issue #'s 80, 81, 84 and 85.


Image from the now lost Lon Chaney Sr. movie, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927).

A picture of the beast from the banned in Japan and never released to DVD Ishiro Honda science fiction/horror movie, HALF HUMAN (1955).

Poster artwork for the cult classic EQUINOX (1970), a movie with a plotline not too far removed from Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD (1981)--a group of young people, a cabin in the woods and a book that summons demons.

FAMOUS MONSTERS editor, Forry Ackerman and the gruesome twosome hang out behind the scenes of Al Adamson's DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) and catch up on the horrible happenings in the world of horror.

Promo photo from THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957), a scene not in the film. The monster threatens the little girl, but never gets close enough to put her in this kind of peril. The caption provides some interesting marketing ballyhoo for the film.

It would be several decades before the use of Fuller's Earth would be banned from being used in movies because of its connections with causing cancer. Here it is being generously applied to Lon Chaney for THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1941).

Here's a fang-tastic shot of Chaney behind the scenes enjoying a cold drink with the help of his movie stand-in.



J. Astro said...

Hmm, cool! Any idea why "HALF HUMAN" was banned in Japan?

venoms5 said...

I've yet to watch the movie, but it apparently puts the much discriminated against social class, the Buraku aboriginal tribes in a bad light and with hints of bestiality, the film was banned in Japan after its theatrical release.

It was released on VHS tape here, but cut down. I think it was also released to tape in the UK, but Toho seemingly has shown zero interest in releasing it judging by the severely negative stigma attached to it.

Toho's nasty 'End of the World' movie, PROPHECIES OF NOSTRODAMUS (1974) suffered the same fate, but somebody did manage to sneak out an uncut print of that one on the fansub circuit.

Maynard Morrissey said...

never heard of "Monster that challenged the world" before but it looks quite awesome.

German title is 'Alarm für Sperrzone 7' which means "Alarm for Exclusion Zone 7" - IMO a pretty shitty title.

venoms5 said...

MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD is reviewed here at CAC, Harry. Yeah, that is a peculiar title, but it kinda makes sense, but doesn't sound very monsterly.

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