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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage TV Guide Ads: Dirty Apes, Failed Series', Late Night Fulci & Slasher Premieres!

CAC has come to be known for its overkill and this huge post carries on the tradition featuring a LOVE BOAT-load full of TV show ads, movie premieres and more! There's horror, comedy, adventure and sci fi aplenty! First up is this ad for a PLANET OF THE APES marathon. Instead of the movies, however, it's the five re-edited TV series movies--BACK TO THE PLANET OF THE APES, FORGOTTEN CITY OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, LIFE, LIBERTY & PURSUIT ON THE PLANET OF THE APES, TREACHERY & GREED ON THE PLANET OF THE APES and (phew!) finally, FAREWELL TO THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Bo Svenson, who starred in the two WALKING TALL sequels, also took the lead in the short lived television series. Here's the premiere ad for the 60 minute show which lasted for a half season.

ALOHA PARADISE was an obvious clone of FANTASY ISLAND and apparently viewers weren't interested as it lasted for only a handful of episodes before being cancelled.

Here's a big spread for LOVE BOAT and FANTASY ISLAND, this ad featuring some sexy sizzle and a kung fu master!

PROM NIGHT, one of the least interesting slashers apart from the participation of Jaime Lee Curtis has its television premiere.

SILVER STREAK--Pryor and Wilder--two great comedians--'nuff said.

Star Wars on THREE'S COMPANY. Remember this? When they slowly booted Somers off the show after her ego ran wild? There was a book on the subject and it's a great read for fans of this long running and trendsetting series.

After HAPPY DAYS "Jumped the Shark", CHIPs followed suit with their own shark themed episode.

Some timeless CBS shows on this ad.

I never really cared much for THE DEEP. Seen it a few times and can remember little about it other than that big eel that jumps out at you and the numerous shots of a half naked and very wet Jaqueline Bissett.

Lucio Fulci's PSYCHIC flick premiere's on the CBS Late Movie!

Check out what Whirlpool announced....yesterday.

Got Scotch?

This is a great BUCK ROGERS ad even if the series had gotten stale by this point in only its second, and last season.

Premiere for THE CHOIR BOYS and another reminder of the battle between television and cable from the time period with the "Another outstanding movie on free television" moniker.

I remember catching this Mark Hamill hosted show about EMPIRE and other SPX related genre product.

This ad for FALLEN ANGEL is right sleazy with its depiction of a scared, young, underage girl preparing to strip her clothes off!

THE MUNSTER'S REVENGE (1981) premieres for the first time on TV.

HILL STREET BLUES had just premiered and the cops had competition, albeit short lived, against the mob with THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES. Incidentally, amazon offers a DVD entitled THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES, but it's a documentary and not this seemingly sought after single season program.

It's the battle of the sexes in OKLAHOMA CITY DOLLS from 1981.

This super sexy ladies show had a male alternate show, too, but since so few females (if any) comment in this column, I didn't bother scanning that one. Apologies to any ladies who do happen to read this column!

I remember the ABC Weekend Specials, but not this one here.

This is a repeat ad for SALEM'S LOT (1979), still the scariest vampire movie ever made in my opinion. The original premiere was spread out over two nights.

MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS from 1981 sounds like a good TV horror/science fiction about two girls with magical powers--one murderous, the other good--fighting over a guy's affection at school.

This is a repeat ad for GUYANA starring Powers Boothe.

And finally, it's the once yearly airing of the WIZARD OF OZ, this ad from 1981.



Django211 said...

Those sure bring back memories. I recorded that SPFX special on Beta when it aired. I also had a pirated tape of The Empire Strikes Back. Those got watched a lot during what seemed like an eternity waiting for Return of the Jedi.

venoms5 said...

I hear ya, Django. I wish I still had this EMPIRE STRIKES BACK movie magazine. It folded out into a big poster of the film. These bring back a lot of memories for me going through them picking out stuff and even checking out the listings to see what's playing throughout the week.

A hero never dies said...

I had that poster magazine too Brian, not sure what happened to it. Some great ads here, the thing that struck me most is Miss Piggy a 10? surely an 8.5 at her best!

venoms5 said...

I wouldn't tell her that. You're likely to get a 'HIIIIYAAAAA!' for your trouble! Properly glazed she might rate higher.

Maynard Morrissey said...

my goodness, this is all just amazing. Never seen ads like that because in German-speaking areas, no-one was as creative as the Americans :-)

Top notch post, brilliant! Bravo Brian

venoms5 said...

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed looking it over, Maynard! There's two other entries so far. These were my dad's old TV Guides. I only wish I could have saved the four other boxes of them before my grandmother threw them out!

Skeme Richards said...

Great ads and great post as always!

venoms5 said...

Hey, it's always great to hear from the Nostalgia King himself!

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