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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shaw Brothers Cinema: The Master Killer & Company

Gordon Liu and Yuko Mizuno during promotion for HEROES OF THE EAST (1978).

It's been a long time since there was a Shaw Brothers Behind the Scenes entry that was specifically random photos, pictorials and promotional materials. This one here gives a taste of a future Gordon Liu Chia Hui retrospective in addition to some photos of Ti Lung, Fu Sheng and a look at a Shaw production that never got released to DVD.

A legend is born! Liu Chia Liang cuts Gordon Liu's locks for the role that would make being bald beautifully badass.

Behind the scenes on the classic 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN (1978)

The underrated Kuan Feng (left) pals around with Yuen Tak (Yuan Te) in 1980 while filming LOVERS BLADES (1981) among other pictures.

The adorable Lin Ching Hsia circa 1977 during promotion of Li Han Hsiang's THE DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER (1977)

At home with Yueh Hua and his wife, Tanny Tien Ni

Wong Yu and Ti Lung between takes on KUNG FU INSTRUCTOR (1979)

Ti Lung (left) and Yasuaki Kurata in 1980

Ti Lung (second from right) with his wife (far left with baby), mother-in-law and Fu Sheng (far right)

Wang Feng (EMPEROR CHIEN LUNG, the unreleased to DVD thriller THE LAST JUDGMENT) directed this drama feature which appears to have some comical moments. It began as THE DIVINER'S STORY before morphing into LEGEND OF FENG HSIU. This is a spread from November of 1977 from Hong Kong Movie News.

And here's the movie poster advertising from the back cover of the March 1979 issue of Southern Screen. It was also featured on the back cover of the June 1979 issue which I assume is the actual month the film was released to theaters. It was among many Shaw pictures that didn't make it onto DVD.


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