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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cool Ass Cinema Book Reviews: From the Depths of Development Hell Edition!


By David Hughes

Softcover; 272 pages; no pictures; editions: 2003, 2011, (2012-updated and expanded edition)

"Truly a "big budget" book at a low budget price, David Hughes gives movie lovers a lot of bang for their buck as they traverse the many stages of DEVELOPMENT HELL."

For decades, Hollywood has had numerous stories of troubled productions that either never got made, took several years to get rolling, or transmogrified into something else entirely by the time it made it to the screen. David Hughes, the author of The Greatest Sci Fi Movies Never Made, has updated his previous edition of Development Hell by nearly 20 pages. Those fascinated by the calamitous debacles of studio suits, clashes with additional writers and the arrogance of major star power causing projects to crash and burn will have difficulty putting this book down.

Within these pages you'll learn the fates of such opulent, sprawling epics-that-never-were such as SMOKE & MIRRORS and Schwarzenegger's CRUSADE. The problematic monster movie, ISOBAR, dubbed 'ALIEN On A Train' from Ridley Scott and Sylvester Stallone that ultimately derailed as well as the difficulties bringing TOMB RAIDER and BATMAN BEGINS to the screen are documented here. There are numerous other in depth chapters on various pictures that either never made it, or ended up quite different from what they were initially intended. The author's revelatory information comes straight from the mouths of those involved as well as those whose original works were mutilated to the point of unrecognizability. Every bit of finger pointing, blame placing and sour grapes are quoted giving dirt mongers the inside dish on Hollywood's mistakes, both produced and un-produced.

To read about the fate of unmade movies like Oliver Stone's version of PLANET OF THE APES and James Cameron's remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE, you'll have to buy the book. The compact dimensions are perfect for carrying in a small bag for reading on the bus, or subway for those who enjoy reading on the go. Truly a "big budget" book at a low budget price, David Hughes gives movie lovers a lot of bang for their buck as they traverse the many stages of DEVELOPMENT HELL.

The book, out next week on February 28th, can be pre-ordered at amazon by clicking the link below...


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nectarsis said...

This book looks awesome, thanks for sharing the info :)


venoms5 said...

You're welcome, Byron! I was a bit late getting the review posted. It's a great read, though. Tons of information.

R.A.M.'67 said...

Always like a good "making of" movie book. This one seems to be a fun read, too, even if these movies didn't get made!

I'm definitely checking it out. Thanks for the review!

Kaijinu said...


venoms5 said...

@ Russ: I definitely enjoyed reading it!

@ Kaijinu: Well you'll a brain full from this book!

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