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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cool Ass Cinema Book Reviews: James Bond Omnibus Edition!


Written by Jim Lawrence

Art by Yaroslav Horak

Based on the character created by Ian Fleming

288 pages; softcover; B/W; first edition 2012

In 1962, Iam Fleming's famed secret agent, James Bond 007, sprang from the printed page to the silver screen in DR. NO, an action spy picture starring Sean Connery. That film started a multi-million dollar enterprise that extends to this day. Outside of the cinematic and written word spectrum, James Bond was also very popular as a newspaper comic strip that spanned over three decades. Many of these were based on Ian Fleming stories that became movies and a good number of others were original works.

Titan Books has issued a license to read on this fourth volume of nine original daily newspaper strips. All nine stories first appeared in the 1970s and have been gathered and presented "uninterrupted" ie in non-serialized form, for rabid James Bond fans everywhere.

The artistry of Yaroslav Horak is of high quality and I thought this comic strip Bond looked more like Lazenby's rendition than either Connery or Moore; the latter actor being who was essaying the character at the time these strips (see image at right) were being produced.

Titan Books continues to produce quality tomes of varying subjects and this new release of vintage Bond newspaper strips will no doubt please hardcore fans of the legendary British spy. Casual fans will likely find this of little interest, but fans of art and comics in general may also be intrigued to see how this phenomenally popular character of novels and screen is interpreted in serial form. Only here in this omnibus, you don't have to wait till the next day to see what happens next!

To purchase this book at amazon, click HERE. 

To find more information about this book, including a preview of one of the strips at the Titan Books website, click HERE. 

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