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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cool Ass Comics: Captain America Edition!

With the popularity of the new CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, I thought I'd display a few of the comics I have. All of these were given to me by my uncle and the condition of them ranges from "reader copy" to what I'd determine as Fine/Very Fine. The years of publication range between 1964 and 1973. Above is the first Silver Age appearance of The Red Skull.

Iron Man debuted in TALES OF SUSPENSE issue #39 and the comic became a two-fer with Capt. America with number 59. This title officially became CAPTAIN AMERICA with issue #100.

This is the earliest AVENGERS issue I have. Capt. America was discovered encased in ice in issue #4. Superheroes like Hulk, Thor and Iron Man were the popular members of the team.

This is a good one here wherein the Avengers battle it out with Dr. Doom. The cover for this one is quite good especially in displaying the confidence and villainy of Doom.

Namor, the Submariner is a unique character amongst the Marvel superheroes. He's not really a good guy, nor a bad guy. He's one of the earliest ever comic characters from Marvel and has either sided with, or battled against probably every major comic book character from Stan Lee's stable of heroes. Here, he's battling Capt. America. This issue was part of an 'Avengers vs. The Defenders' angle. THE DEFENDERS being a team of rotating members, but usually featuring characters such as Namor, The Hulk, Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange among a bunch of others.



Samuel Wilson said...

Nice cover-age there, venom. Given how they managed to slip the Golden Age Human Torch into The First Avenger, I was kinda disappointed that there wasn't even a hint of Namor in the film, though I admit he'd be a hard sell to a 2011 movie audience.

Dr.Clones Monster Asylum said...

How I wish I saved mine.

Skeme Richards said...

I've actually been pulling out alot of my old 70's early 80's issues and re-reading them. Seems like the youthfullness is starting to set in again!

Great post as always.


J. Astro said...

Cool shit, brotha.

venoms5 said...

Sorry for the late replies, just been a lot going on here lately.

@ Sam: You're a far bigger comic fan than I so your input is always welcome, my friend. I think Namor would make a great movie, though, probably more than an Aquaman movie. At least I would be game for a Namor movie.

@ Dr. Clones: I've got a bunch more I need to put in protective bagging. Not sure if my uncle has preserved his first appearances and first issues he has.

@ Skeme: Thanks, Skeme! I been doing the same, myself.

@ J: Glad you liked it, m'man! I might throw some others up of Cap.

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