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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool Ass Comics: Marvel Godzilla Edition! Part 2

Part two features ten more covers (and one back cover) in the 24 issue GODZILLA series from Marvel. In what would seem to be a clone of the SHOGUN WARRIORS/GIGANTOR/MAZINGER series of giant robots (one of the various mecha shows and anime of Japan), a giant robot called Red Ronin was introduced to do battle with the radioactive beast. Two different alien races were also introduced as Godzilla continued his war with "Dum Dum" Dugan and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

***Click, or double click a pic to see a larger image***

Issue #7 February 1978

Issue #8 March 1978

Issue #9 April 1978

Issue #10 May 1978

Issue #11 June 1978; while Marvel didn't spring for the rights to utilize classic Godzilla foes, writer, Doug Moench was still able to come up with ideas that encapsulated the style of the long running film series.

Issue #12 July 1978; Space Godzilla??? A war between two alien races as well as otherworldly monstrosities populated Marvel's Godzilla universe.

Issue #13 August 1978

Issue #14 September 1978

Issue #15 October 1978; for me, things took a slight detour for the next two issues wherein the Big G encounters cattle and cowboys.

Issue #16 November 1978

Issue #16 back cover; I had Lego's, but never one of these



Fazeo said...

Red Ronin! Even though I really didn't start collecting comics officially until the early 80s, I really enjoyed buying back issues of Marvel comics from the 70s, especially the late 70s.

Though some people look down on this era, I liked the colorful and wild things they were doing in the late 70s at Marvel. Heck one of my all time favorite characters was Rocket Racer.

Great stuff as always venom.

Franco Macabro said...

Wow, that brings back memories...I seem to remember also seeing a Godzilla cartoon show back in the 70s, all I remember is the noise Godzilla would make.

Cool seeing all these old school comic book covers, I LOVE COMICS!!! I have this stash of House of Mysteries...pretty cool part of my collection! Some dude sold them to me for five bucks!

venoms5 said...

I heard that before regarding the late 70s Marvel. Why is that?

I've not heard of Rocket Racer. Marvel was incredibly prolific during this time, too. It seemed like new characters and crossovers were cropping up left and right then. I agree, there was definitely generous use of color at this time, too!

venoms5 said...

@ Fran: HOUSE OF MYSTERY is a cool comic, too! I posted some covers of the few I have in another post. I have some of the old HOUSE OF MYSTERY comics from the 60s my uncle gave to me. They aren't horror specific most of them. 5 bucks was a damn good deal, Fran. How many you get?

Fazeo said...

Rocket Racer was a Spidey baddie, kinda.

I have the issue that they show in this wiki entry. He was a fun character.

As far as the Godzilla animated series from the 70s, Netflix has it on their streaming instantplay service. I remember that show. They also have the late 90s Godzilla animated show which I never knew even existed.

venoms5 said...

Okay, he looks familiar. I might a comic, or two with him in it. That Godzilla cartoon, the old one was pretty fun. The new 'toon was built around the universally derided US GODZILLA movie from 1998.

I Like Horror Movies said...

I'm surprised at how much creative license they took with the look of Godzilla in the comics, it is refreshing since changes like those would have caused fan riots in the films!

venoms5 said...

Well, I think he looks more like Godzilla in the comics than he did in the US movie. At least you can tell who it is by looking at it.

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